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Sales and Receivables

Maintain complete customer information, including alternate ship-to-addresses, month and year to date totals
Maintain customer current balance, open credit, last payment, last payment date, last invoice # and last invoice date
Keeps track of customers open credits and deposits
Display two (2) year of historical data, unlimited on file
Allows three (3) different classification of customer: industry, state and class
Keeps notes per customer
Provides open statement formats on customers with optional user definable aging information
Prints invoices, credit memos, sales orders, sales quotes, repair orders, rental orders, delivery receipts, picking tickets, warranties, proforma invoices, packing lists and statements on plain paper
Tracks sales by customer, salesman and technician
New customers can be added "on the fly" during transaction entry
Maintain individual GL Account Receivable per customer
Maintain Currency per customer
Alerts you when a customer exceeds credit limit
Customer cannot be deleted if it has an open transaction or open balance
Allows beginning and ending notes on invoices, sales order, repair order and rental order
Allows discount on a line-by-line basis
Accepts payments and additional discount at time of invoicing
Allows five types of payments: manual, automatic, semiautomatic, by invoice and other payment
Allows previously entered cash posting to be voided
Allows up to 99 bank accounts to receive payments
Open credits can be applied to invoices
Allows previously applied credits to be voided
Allows to write off bad debt and to refund invoices
Allows you to delete sales quote not approved by "N" months off the system
Maintain recurrent billing to customers
Convert sales quotes to sales orders and convert sales orders to invoices instantly
Convert repair orders to invoices instantly
Convert rental orders to invoices instantly
Allows prepaid orders
Allows differed payments from customers
Allows partial shipment of sales order
Recommends substitution for out of stock items
Post to Required & To Order in Sales/Repair/Rental Order when out of stock items
Limits invoicing on Available stock of items
Limits sales order modification on shipped orders
Limits invoices modification on paid invoices
Tracks Items In Shop from Warehouse to Repair Shop
Tracks received, estimated, approved, repaired, notified and shipped dates in Repairs
Tracks equipment/tool serial numbers, repair time, failure with or without warranty and productivity by technician in Repair
Tracks rental items with or without serials, purchase cost, salvage, deposit, insurance cost and next service due in Rentals
Track four (4) different types of input in a Repair Order: product, time, travel and expenses

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Customer - Settings Tab

Customer - Notes Tab

Customer - Sales Tab