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Inventory Control

Maintain complete information of each item, including On-Hand, Booked, Backorder, Required, In-Shop, Rented, On Order, To Order, Substitutes, Components Parts (Kit) and Transaction History
Maintain Model and UPC numbering per item
Allows five (5) classification per item: line, group, class, subclass and category
Tracks minimum and maximum stock levels for each item
Vendor and vendor part number included in item
Manufacturer and manufacturer number included in item
Maintain ABC classification per item
Maintain volume, weight, duty ID and duty percentage cost
Shows component parts (kit) per item
Shows images or picture per item
Maintain item foreign currency cost calculating cost in home currency
Maintain item vendor discount calculating discounted cost in home currency
Maintain Inventory, Sales, Cost and Return GL account per item
Provides two (2) pricing methods: Quantity Order with up to ten (10) quantities, and Pricing Number with up to ten (10) prices
Display two (2) years of historical data in quantities and amount per item, unlimited on file
Keeps notes per item
Keeps location notes per item
Allows transfer between inventory item
Calculates inventory forecast based on inventory security, lead time and order frequency
Allows to modify inventory forecast purchase report
Calculates inventory ABC classification based on system set up
Calculates inventory minimum and maximum based on inventory security, lead time and order frequency
Calculates excess inventory based on inventory security, lead time and order frequency
Calculates stock inventory aging
Tracks multiple vendors per items
Allows adjustment of inventory costs and quantity after items have been received
Allows four (4) Control Methods: Standard, Serialized, Lotted or Non Inventory type
Allows three (3) Item Types: Sales, Rental or Parts (for Work Order)
Tracks perpetual or non perpetual inventory for On-Hand movement
Tracks purchase, salvage, deposit, insurance cost and next service due in rental items
Maintain unit of measure of inventory
Allows Price and Cost update based on percentage, fix amount or exchange rate
Maintain Vendor and Customer warranty time per item

Inventory Item - Information Tab

Inventory Item - Settings Tab

Inventory Item - Notes Tab

Inventory Item - Sales Tab

Inventory Item - Pricing Tab

Inventory Item - clicked on Component Part (Kits) icon

Inventory Item - clicked on Picture or Graph icon