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General Ledger

Maintain complete Chart of account
Allows posting to last year balance and to any 12 month of the current year
Prevents out-of-balance journal entries
New accounts can be added "on the fly" during journal entry
Allows departmentalized accounting with up to 9999 departments
Maintains complete audit trails
12 month accounting period
Multi-year journal history retention up to 99 years
Provides on-line account information query
Search file feature allows quick location of accounts within the Chart of Accounts
Flexible financial statement setup includes period selection
Trial Balance, Journal and Account Activity reports shows a wide variety of periods
Allows transfer data report showing transaction from other modules
Balance Sheet and Income Statement can be produced in month-to-date and/or year-to-date format
Cash receipt and disbursement report can be produced by all month or range of month
Budget report shows month-to-date and year-to-date compare to current month
Unlimited Currency set up
Foreign exchange rate per currency

General Ledger - Journal Entry

General Ledger - Journal Entry Posting

General Ledger - Account Types Setup

General Ledger - Budget Setup

General Ledger - Currency Types Setup

General Ledger - Multicurrency Setup

General Ledger - Multicurrency Detail